Lincoln Raw - under my father's roof


Special Student Edition:


Abraham Lincoln, under his father’s roof—his childhood and adolescence. Journey into the mind of a highly sensitive boy as he relives the gauntlet of tragedy and abuse that should have consumed him.


An excerpt from Lincoln Raw - a biographical novel


Seven-year-old Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood dies when his father drags their family from the relative comfort of Kentucky into an unforgiving Indiana wilderness. While suffering rebuke for teaching himself to read and write, Abraham endures rumors of illegitimate birth, escapes death at least nine times, labors to repay his father’s debts, and grieves the deaths of his infant brother, angel mother, and beloved sister. He bears all those scars when he witnesses his first slave auction at the age of nineteen.


Grounded in historical record, the story is enriched by insights gleaned from the works of prominent Lincoln biographers.


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