Master the Craft of Storytelling


Successful authors begin with great writing. Bestselling author and writing coach DL Fowler helps you transform your fiction by focusing on the Readers' Hierarchy of Needs.


Fowler's concise guide demonstrates how to create memorable characters, map captivating journeys, craft engaging scenes, and develop intimate bonds between readers and characters.


Discover fresh ways to:


  •     coax memorable characters out of the shadows
  •     capture readers with conflict that's personal
  •     inject scenes with emotional power
  •     embed readers inside your characters' journeys


Focus on these essential tools and you will:


  •     find the right voice for your story
  •     write a provocative opening line
  •     stay focused on your core story conflict
  •     energize your story's middle
  •     end your story on the right note


Includes examples from leading authors along with worksheets, recommended reading, and discussion guide.



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