Lincoln's Diary - a novel of suspense


A fast paced story about a young woman's determination to unbury secrets.


The disappearance of a private Lincoln diary, which Sarah Morgan's mysterious grandfather once owned, sends her  hunting for a professor who likely swindled it away from her dying mother. The professor hoped to prove Lincoln planned his own assassination. But when the professor turns up dead, Sarah stands accused of his murder.


Running from police and a stalker who's bent on destroying any evidence the diary exists, Sarah turns to the only person she trusts - herself. And when taxed to her limits, she turns to strangers for help - only to find betrayal pushing her to the breaking point.



"A truly electrifying suspense novel based on a young woman's risky search for an immensely valuable diary of Abraham Lincoln's, purloined from her inheritance. The reader is mesmerized."

-- HANK SEARLS, Author of the best-sellers JAWS 2, OVERBOARD, THE BIG X, and creator of TV's 'METROPOLITAN SQUAD" series, starring Leslie Nielsen.




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